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Well Below Average – Anthony Thorley
Gavin is an ordinary young boy growing up on a 1950s slum-clearance estate development on the fringe of industrial Tyneside. Although a challenge for his parents, an underachiever at school and socially unacceptable to his peers, he nonetheless carries his own personal mystery and through him we experience a fascinating perspective into a uniquely rich world which gradually takes on a whole lif..
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Gateway to the Heavens – Karen French (Paperback)
How simple shapes mould reality and the fabric of our being No single way to achieve spiritual intuitive knowledge of any subject, such as geometry, is better than any other. Insight into the profound nature of simplicity within diversity is our goal, not conversion to any specific point of view or religion. Simplicity has far greater substance and is personally more rewarding than the comp..
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Whole Person Learning – Bryce Taylor
Whole Person Learning: what a wonderful-sounding phrase it is. How easily it resonates in a world where intuitively we know that something is amiss in terms of the mainstream approaches to education. We sense that somehow the problem is much deeper and more profound than something which can be fixed through the societal equivalent of adjusting the headlights on the car in order to see the roa..
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Forging The Future Together – Bryce Taylor
This book is aimed at the student, practitioner, and interested reader of any discipline that has human relationships at its heart. It is aimed especially at those who are involved in working alongside others in supporting, guiding, advising, managing, mentoring. It starts with an overview and moves progressively to the specifics of practice, but in self-contained independent sections which may..
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Working With Others – Bryce Taylor
…any number of occupations in a great many workplaces and settings. It has become a very useful way of ‘mapping’ interaction between people, whether in the work place, the counselling session, the work group or the interview room. It also allows individuals to select those parts that are relevant to their own particular circumstances and helping activities. The book takes the reader ..
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Just Beyond the Visible – Andrew Machon
Foreword by John O'Donohue Andrew continues to explore the nature of who we are and how the self we aspire to become, is the essential source of our passion, potential and healing in our lives. Ultimately he provides us with insight into the emergent and organic nature of individual and organisational change, to foster how we work with change and to discover its meaning. Large fo..
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A Difference of One – Andrew Machon
Foreword by Thomas Moore In taking this journey, we cycle through the seasons of the Self: sleeping, awakening, becoming and returning. This journey influences how we see, relate, create and resolve. Andrew illustrates how, through this deeper understanding and acceptance, we can conceive of new possibilities within the key dilemmas of today, such as health and disease, war and peace, and l..
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