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A Dark Wind – Celia Gunn
Drawn by the faint, meandering sound of a Native North American flute from deep in misty English woodland, Kathy, a young bank-clerk in a northern provincial town, discovers Joe, a middle-aged Navajo Indian with a life-hardened experience of failed marriages and addictions. Their unlikely meeting, challenging both age and culture, kindles an edgy yet mutual passion, entwined with the acting-out..
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Smiling the Moon – Thomas Lawrence
The solrom: a soul journey to heal within, by going without. Two travellers collide in the wild country on the island of Bracka. Geeter, not much more than a boy, is running from the shadows cast by the death of his father. Wode, a gnoseer, is one of a sacred group possessing a deep knowledge of energy and power of the inner realms, seeing and knowing what most cannot. He is called to the T..
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Well Below Average – Anthony Thorley
Gavin is an ordinary young boy growing up on a 1950s slum-clearance estate development on the fringe of industrial Tyneside. Although a challenge for his parents, an underachiever at school and socially unacceptable to his peers, he nonetheless carries his own personal mystery and through him we experience a fascinating perspective into a uniquely rich world which gradually takes on a whole lif..
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