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All transpersonal workshops now take place at:

West Melbury, Shaftesbury, SP7 0LY, Dorset – either in our home or utilising nearby halls if numbers warrant it.
All are welcome. If you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to come… word of mouth is one of the best ways by which the transpersonal becomes known. I’m providing the link below in the hope that something may draw you and/or your friends, if not to the transpersonal workshops to one of the many other activities we offer here..
If you wish to attend please contact me at or ring 01258 450404
or if you wish to know more details - visit the website


see also the list of dates below:


Approaching the Self – Personality Integration – TPW1

Fri: 6 for 6.30pm - 10 pm      Sat: 9.30 for 10am - 6pm      Sun: 9.30 for 10am - 3pm
and for those that experienced TPW1 over 4 months or more ago:

The Masculine and Feminine Within – TPW2

Fri: 6 for 6.30pm - 10 pm      Sat: 9.30 for 10am - 6pm    Sun: 9.30 for 10am - 3pm
and for those that experienced TPW2 over 4 months or more ago:

Cycles and Stages – TPW3

Fri: 6 for 6.30pm - 10 pm      Sat: 9.30 for 10am - 6pm    Sun: 9.30 for 10am - 3pm
and for those that experienced TPW3 over 4 months or more ago:

Initiation and the Myth of the Journey – TPW4

Fri: 6 for 6.30pm - 10 pm      Sat: 9.30 for 10am - 6pm    Sun: 9.30 for 10am - 3pm




For more information go to

January        27-28-29,  2017  (Approaching the Self  – Personality Integration – TPW1)

February      17-18-19,  2017  (Cycles and Stages – TPW3)

March           17-18-19   2017  (Approaching the Self  – Personality Integration – TPW1)

April             21-22-23  2017   (Approaching the Self  – Personality Integration – TPW1)

May              19-20-21   2017  (Approaching the Self  – Personality Integration – TPW1)

June             23-24-25   2017  (Cycles and Stages – TPW3)


Some comments from participants of the last workshops

‘A weekend of love, support and acceptance, creating a safe place to explore myself.  Thank you.’

‘Love, trust, acknowledgement and understanding.  Thank you!’

‘Thank you for a wonderful transformative and sharing experience, in a lovely peaceful venue.  I am looking forward to the future courses.’

Workshop I, Approaching the Self:

Comments from participants of previous workshop I

"I strongly believe that anyone who is at all interested in developing who they are; improving relationships in their lives, or finding a deeper meaning in life, will benefit from experiencing the workshop 'Approaching the Self' with Ian Thorp. It is hard to describe how involved yet accessible the weekend is: from easily digestible nuggets of theory on the Transpersonal Approach; helpful 'tools' to manage our hectic lives; dream analysis, and exercises that will amaze even the most 'sceptical' amoung us; there is indeed a lot to take from the weekend. I feel it has 'opened up' a lot for me and I will be assimilating the experience for quite sometime, although I've already made positive changes to my life/ relationships, just one week on. I will certainly be looking into workshop 2 & 3 and recommending them to my friends and loved ones - thank you". Emily Thomas (PS the beautiful rural setting and tasty lunches are also a joy!)

"I had such a fantastic weekend and so much came out of it for me, and I think all of us, so thank you for providing a great space (and lovely mushrooms!). I've had lots of things happen this week and I feel that it's as a result of a shift". Lisa

"Thank you so much for the opportunity of attending such an inspirational workshop. I gained personal knowledge and insight from the weekend and feel very fortunate to have been part of the group. I'm looking forward to the next stage". Vanessa

"Taking this weekend workshop has helped to lighten the load I have been carrying for a very long time… a wonderful, timeless experience". Tina

Workshop II, The Masculine and Feminine Within:

Comments from participants of workshop 2

"Wow! what a wonderful workshop - 'The Masculine and Feminine within' - thanks for being so easy going and a great place to come to be with like minded people. Love and Blessings". Andrea

"A safe and mystical journey for the lone traveller… may I always travel alone but sharing along the way - with love". Karen

"Thankyou for enabling me to access that enormous sword: symbol of my masculine principle". SD

Workshop III, Cycles and Stages:


Workshop IV, Initiation and the Myth of the Journey:

For information and dates or to book a place go to the website at:


Transpersonal study weekends - The Raincloud of Knowable Things

This comprises a series of four weekends based on the original workshops I, II, III and IV as created by Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown.

These transpersonal workshops offer ordinary people seeking personal growth the chance to explore their own inner worlds, gain insight into their unconscious patterns, work towards freedom from the control of those patterns and thus find more meaning in their lives. However, Ian (IGB) said: ‘No one should do the workshops unless they are on an inner, spiritual path, or quest, or pilgrimage – are seeking some sort of initiation.’ It was made clear that galloping from stage to stage is not helpful. Indeed it is often found to be useful to have at least six months between workshops. In these experiential weekends, active imagination is offered as the main technique for contacting the inner world.

'The whole thing is a path of initiation. It’s a progression, a developmental process that confers freedom. It catches naturally into people’s need – no one need bend themselves to fit. The material is, yes, for counsellors, therapists and those who work with people, but not only for them. It is, as originally conceived, for anyone drawn to it. First and foremost, it is for individuals at a personal level'.


Introduction to the Transpersonal - one day only

This is very much a ‘taster’ for the transpersonal perspective and is often run for a day or an evening for anyone on their inner journey of discovery; students of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and anyone working with others, to broaden horizons and consciousness. It is an ideal opportunity for people to find out more and experience it before committing themselves to The Raincloud of Knowable Things; the series of four Transpersonal Psychology weekends.

For information, dates or for Ian to facilitate this workshop at your venue, ring 07939 030875.

Other workshops on transpersonal themes

Creating Sacred Space

The need for us to find a place of peace and calm is very powerful. Sometimes we find it on the outside but seldom pay attention to the need to find it within. Issues of space and boundaries also play an important part in this.

Ties, Chords, Bonds, Contracts

We are seldom aware of how many of these we create during our lives and the adverse effect they can have on our personal growth and development. A day discovering what we might have created and how to change it in the here-and- now.

Meeting the Dark Friend

A day for those wishing to engage with the hidden parts of themselves, in various ways. An opportunity to discover and make friends with that 'shadow' part of ourselves.


Amongst others: Archetypal Images – Dreams – Out of Time, Out of Place – Drawing on the Inner World – Dowsing.

For more information, dates or to book any of these workshop to run at your venue, contact Ian Thorp +44 (0)7939 030875.

Transpersonal Workshops in Dorset

Ian Thorp has been facilitating workshops and seminars for many years but it is in the last sixteen that he has focused more on the Transpersonal approach.
Since the Millenium he has been sharing his time between facilitating workshops, publishing books and his practice as a psychotherapist.

Transpersonal Workshops in Leicestershire

Hazel Marshall facilitates regular transpersonal workshops based on The Raincloud of Knowable Things created by Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown as well as a variety of others with a transpersonal flavour. Hazel is also a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Editor of the Wisdom of the Transpersonal series of books.

Please ring her on 0116 236 4256 for details or go to her website at:

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