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Alchemy – Jay Ramsay (Paperback)
Alchemy: The Art of Transformation Alchemy is best known as the age-old science of turning base metal into gold. But it is much more: essentially, it is a path of self-knowledge, unique in the Western tradition, with vital relevance for the modern world. The symbols of Alchemy lie deep in the collective unconscious, in the world of dreams and imagery: the practices of alchemy are rooted in ..
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Eureka: The Celestial Pattern at Times of Historic Inspiration - Nicholas Kollerstrom
There are moments of illumination in the lives of scientists and inventors when the key to a problem dawns. Something new appears. For the individual concerned, such a moment may appear, in retrospect, as the turning-point of their lifetime. Many of us have had something like such 'Aha!' experiences. The history of science is bejewelled with these celebrated moments when inspiration dawned, and..
Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame – Hilary Stanley. (Paperback)
This book is a practical guide full of clear step-by-step instructions, personal experiences, case studies and examples to help you change different aspects of your life, including ways to settle and balance Karma, and to heal yourself and others. It is for anyone, whether they are familiar with the Violet Flame or not. It is a book to inspire you to become the person you truly are, living ..
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