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The Great Year: Understanding 2012 and Beyond – Ian Thorp
This story was inspired by all the speculation and discussion surrounding the significance of 2012 and in particular the Winter Solstice. The central theme is to remind the reader of the planet we live on in relation to the rest of our solar system - the need to reawaken knowledge and thereby the heart, so that the future is seen as positive and affirming - both relevant and vital in these time..
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The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time – Anne Baring
The greatest myths, stories and fairy tales are borne like seeds across the generations, taking root in a few individuals and bringing inspiration and soul-nourishment to many. These stories suggest responses to the challenges of human existence that cannot be conveyed as simply or profoundly in any other form. They carry us with them by enchantment. Through delight, they relate us to a dimensi..
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The Toucan Feather – Nicholas Stafford-Deitsch
The Toucan Feather is an inspirational, allegorical 55,000 word novel written and illustrated by Nicholas. It is suitable for readers of twelve and older. There are 68 black/white illustrations, many of which are full page. The market research has consistently returned scores for The Toucan Feather that match Coelho’s The Alchemist. The meaning of the word tocamu and the design of the symbol ..
Smiling the Moon – Thomas Lawrence
The solrom: a soul journey to heal within, by going without. Two travellers collide in the wild country on the island of Bracka. Geeter, not much more than a boy, is running from the shadows cast by the death of his father. Wode, a gnoseer, is one of a sacred group possessing a deep knowledge of energy and power of the inner realms, seeing and knowing what most cannot. He is called to the T..
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