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Lynne Souter-Anderson - Touching Clay: Touching What?

With three decades of art teaching, two decades of experience as play therapist, counsellor, trainer, supervisor and course writer, the author has extensive knowledge of guidance and counselling work with children and adolescents.
Since 2004, Lynne has been a member of the Play Therapy UK Board of Studies and a PTUK Senior Course Director presenting clay workshops at the Play Therapy International World Congress, 2004; All Hallows, Dublin, 2007 and the PTI summer seminars in France. She will be presenting workshops at the 2010 World Play Therapy Congress in Morocco. She trains international groups, has a private counselling practice in Cambridgeshire, UK; writes M.A. courses; supervises M.A. dissertations and is also the Counselling Pathway Leader at Huntingdonshire Regional College, UK.
Lynne is a great grandaughter of a long line of artisan potters from Leeds, clay is in her bones and blood.

Anne Baring   -   The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul   -   The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time  – Anne Baring

Anne Baring is a Jungian analyst (retired) and writer and lives near Winchester.

Author of The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time - The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image (with Jules Cashford)The Mystic Vision: Daily Encounters with the Divine and The Divine Feminine (with Andrew Harvey)Soul Power: an Agenda for a Conscious Humanity (with Scilla Elworthy)

She is also the author of The One Work: A Journey Towards the Self.

Her books and her website are devoted to the restoration of the lost sense of communion between us and the invisible dimension of the universe that is the source or ground of all that we call ‘life’ and to the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice.

Anne has also contributed a chapter to the following book Metamorphosis Through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Perspective … the link follows.

Ian Gordon-Brown - Journey in Depth - Raincloud of Knowable Things

Joint founder and co-director with Barbara Somers of the Centre for Transpersonal Psychotherapy, was in private practice as psychotherapist and consultant psychologist. He read psychology at Cambridge, and was involved in industrial psychology until 1976. He worked with the Lucis Trust for 14 years, becoming director and an international trustee. His interests included ways of expanding individual and group consciousness, esoteric movements and social networks. He died in October 1996.

Ian and Barbara met in 1970 and began to run workshops together. They founded the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London in 1973 and established the training there in 1978, running it together until Ian's death.

Anne Maria Clarke - The Dark Moon

Anne Maria Clarke is a writer and storyteller working in the field of myth, fairytale and legend. Since 1990 she has adapted numerous stories for cd and live performance, including The Celtic Quest for the Grail, The Sleeping Beauty, The Six Swans and the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris.
In The Dark Moon she draws upon this experience, using extracts from her previous works, in order to bring meaning and understanding to the issue of loss and recovery in her own personal life.



Karen L French - Gateway to the Heavens

Creative and numerate, Karen L French has had a life-long interest in understanding and interpreting the simple patterns that underlie our lives. She holds a joint Hons Degree in mathematics and management sciences and art and an MSc in Marketing. She has been published on several occasions during her 20 years experience in international marketing and product management. Gateway to the Heavens is the result of 12 years researching and writing about sacred geometry. Born in Africa, Karen lives in the UK with her Canadian husband and three children.

Celia Gunn - A Twist in Coyote's Tale - A Dark Wind

Celia Gunn is a Northumbrian-born writer now living in the West Country of England. Since her North American experience she has written two novels, A Dark Windand The Fourth Gateway. She continues to pursue a lifelong interest in the mysteries of reality, and with her husband enjoys exploring and researching the mystical landscape of Wessex: stone circles, medieval churches, crop formations and landscape zodiacs. Currently Celia is working on the biography of an elder of the Western Mystery tradition and a novel about ancient North America. When not planning her writing on long dog-walks, she can most often be found tending her beautiful chakric woodland garden.


Jill Hayes - Performing the Dreams of Your Body

Jill Hayes, until her death, was a mother, teacher, practitioner, writer and researcher. Throughout her working life Jill felt drawn to therapeutic applications of the arts. Drama, visual and plastic arts, dance movement and creative writing had all been experienced as media of personal growth and transpersonal connection in a variety of educational and residential contexts. In particular body, movement and dance are identified in her writing as thresholds to psyche and spirit, and understood as channels of healing through reconnection with an eternal source. Sadly missed by all that knew her.

June Kidd  -  Unshriven 1663 - 1963
June left the pace and excitement of working in and around New York to be married in New Orleans, before moving with her husband, a physician, to Saudi Arabia. There she spent the next ten years, savouring the exotic Middle Eastern culture, living, working and enjoying the company of people from all over the world and also co-founding the first school for children with Down’s Syndrome. She also travelled extensively to Europe, China, Australia, America and the Caribbean.  
It was during a home visit to England that June began her intensive study of ‘Imagination, meditation and mental discipline,’ eventually becoming an advanced graduate of The Silva Method. 
The decision to take this course was to transform and enhance her life, particularly as a writer, freeing her from a lifelong handicap with dyslexia, learning to spell virtually overnight at the age of 40, and developing a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity,’ that enabled her to write Unshriven, her first book.

 Nick Kollerstrom  -  Eureka: The Celestial Pattern at Times of Historic Inspiration

Nicholas Kollerstrom M.A. Cantab, Ph.D. is an established author; books include Gardening and Planting by the Moon (an annual series begun in 1980), Newton's Forgotten Lunar Theory (2000), Crop Circles (2002), and Terror on the Tube (2009)
    He received his PhD from UCL in 1995 for a thesis entitled, ‘The Achievement of Newton's 1702 Theory of the Moon's Motion’. He became an honorary research fellow in Science and Technology Studies at UCL, and in 1999 received a grant from the Royal Astronomical Society to work on the classification of correspondence related to the British discovery of Neptune; along with William Sheehan and Craig Waff, he concluded in an article for Scientific American in 2004 that the British had wrongly taken credit for the discovery of the planet. He has a particular interest in the effect of the sun, moon and planets on plant growth and chemical reactions.

Andrew Machon - Just Beyond the Visible - A Difference of One

Andrew is a blend of artist and scientist. He is an infrared photographer seeking to express nature's beauty and essence and also a PhD biochemist who has studied the molecular basis of life. Through the application of MA studies in psychosynthesis and his practice as a psychotherapist, Andrew continues to explore the nature of who we are.

He has worked for a number of blue chip companies but now acts as an independent consultant and coach guiding individuals and organisations through major transitions.


Alan Pickett - Sprirtuality, Creativity, Sexuality: The Meaning of Life

Alan Pickett describes himself as a reluctant RAF navigator, polymer technologist, editor and farmer. Then 27 years ago, he found his true vocation as a Jungian psychotherapist, inspired mainly by transpersonal psychology pioneer, Barbara Somers. From her he learned how illness and health are both affected by the psyche’s influence on the soma or body; and also the profound influence of spirituality on the meaning of life.

Glenys Newton - Home Flown: The Laymamma's Guide to An Empty Nest

The author is based in a small village near Cambridge but travels about telling stories to whoever will listen.Her path sometimes crosses with her son who has, in theory, left home but occasionally returns from another set of exciting adventures.

Hazel Marshall - Editor of the Wisdom of the Transpersonal series

Hazel Marshall, M.Ed, is a qualified psychotherapist and has, since 1989, been running Transpersonal courses based upon the work of Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown at The Rock-Bank Transpersonal Centre in Cropston, Leicestershire.
This series of books, distilled from transcriptions of audiotapes of Barbara and Ian's seminars, has been put together in the light of her profound knowledge of, and admiration for, the authors' work. She has now completed the editing of all the material available for the 'Wisdom of the Transpersonal' series which includes:
Journey in Depth; The Fires of Alchemy; The Raincloud of Knowable Things and Symptom as Symbol.

Marian Matthews  -  Aspects of Reality

From a very young age, Marian Matthews felt and saw things that made her question everything she had been taught about the nature of reality. This book charts the journey of her search for the truth about the mystery of human consciousness and the ultimate nature of the reality in which we live, and in so doing uncovers some vital universal truths.

Not an ‘ivory tower’ academic, her background is that of wife, mother, grandmother, thinker, student, teacher, charity worker and politician. She has always had an interest in philosophy and the science of the nature of the universe as well as spiritual matters.


Lara Owen - Her Blood is Gold

Lara Owen is a British writer and psychotherapist living in southwest England. She has a background in Chinese medicine and was in practice during the 1980's as an acupuncturist specialising in women's health. Her Blood Is Gold was first published in 1993 and was inspired and informed by her experiences on retreat in wilderness areas, and from spiritual practice and study in the Native American and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Lara now works with clients internationally as a psychotherapist and coach on a broad range of issues including spiritual development, creativity, and relationships. For information about her books, her teaching schedule, and her work with individuals and groups, please visit

Dr Rod Paton - Lifemusic

A native of the county of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Rod’s deep, personal interest in music has been part of his make-up since he was a young child. After completing his education in the UK, he spent several years in Eastern Europe, studying composition, horn playing and the music of the Moravian composer Leos Janacek. Since that time, he has worked as a jazz horn player, composer and university teacher, specialising in the social meanings of music and the therapeutic properties of improvisation. In 1995, he completed his doctorate at Sussex University on the theme of musical renewal and since that time has been active in developing community projects which demonstrate the wider accessibility and social functions of creative music. His largest composition, the “Ascension Jazzmass” was described as “a moving testament to the human spirit” (Jazz Journal) and his book “Living Music” as “a goldmine” (Sounding Board Magazine). He is a director of Sound Sense, the UK professional agency for community music and is currently directing a series of music projects along the south coast of England together with a training programme in the Lifemusic method.

Josephine Sellers - Parallel Worlds

Josephine Sellers is a Mother, GrandMother and writer. She has had careers in the legal profession, the art and craft movement,  in publishing, and is a Transpersonal Counsellor specializing in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

She runs a Complementary Therapy and Teaching Centre in Dorset and lives in Somerset with her husband and extended family and animals.

Barbara Somers (1929-2013) - The Fires of Alchemy - Symptom as Symbol

Joint founder and director with Ian Gordon-Brown of the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, was a psychotherapist. She worked previously in personnel, as a literary editor, and for nine years with the Society of Authors. With Ian she created the training courses on which these books are based, and ran them from 1978 until Ian's death in 1996. She was fascinated by dreamwork, symbolism and mythology, the interaction of psyche and soma, and eastern systems of spiritual development, especially Tibetan and Zen.

Bryce Taylor - Whole Person Learning - Working with Others - Forging the Future Together

Before his sudden death in 2010, Bryce Taylor had been involved in the world of education for most of his adult life, working alongside individuals, groups and organisations in the field of Human Relations. Passionate about learning, his depth of experience, together with his innovative, insightful and flexible approach, underpinned by a belief in the importance of relationship, enabled Bryce to make a unique contribution both in conceptual understanding and practical application.


Anthony Thorley - Well Below Average - Legendary London and the Spirit of Place

Anthony Thorley was an eighteen-year-old between school and university when he wrote Well Below Average, his only novel, in the early 1960s. Now, over forty years later, he is a retired consultant psychiatrist and medical policy adviser who lives in South West England and pursues an academic interest in indigenous traditions as found in legendary and sacred landscape, but still finds time to passionately follow the tortuous travails of his favourite football team, Newcastle United.

See and for further details of his current activities.

Ian Thorp - The Great Year

Ian Thorp is an artist, writer, singer and musician. He has been involved in the design, print and publishing trade for most of his life. Part of his vision is to bring into the public domain transformative material for the benefit of the individual. It is envisioned that, through the expansion of consciousness, soul may be repatriated at all levels and the balance of life and harmony restored. Hence the transpersonal thread that runs through all the books he publishes.

Ian is a practising Psychotherapist with an MA in Transpersonal Arts and Practice. Currently he is preparing a series of books for children, to help them see the challenges that are facing all of us at this crucial time of choice.

He has three grown-up children and a granddaughter from his first marriage and now lives in Dorset with his partner, where they run The Alchemy Centre.

Hilary Stanley - Transforming Your Life with the Violet Flame

Hilary Stanley is a healer, teacher and spiritual advisor. Since learning of the Violet Flame she has devoted much of her working life to sharing this
transformational energy.


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