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Talking Stick

Talking Stick

A new imprint from Archive publishing

Whoever holds the talking stick has within their hands the sacred power of words –

only the one who holds the stick may speak,

but must speak the truth about personal understanding and experience.

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A Soul's Journey: The Essence of a Spiritual Path Towards the Transpersonal – Lindy McMullin
  Each of us carries our own back story and family history and while we are living our way through it we find it hard to see what is happening, let alone do anything about it. Every now and again a way-shower emerges who, through their own experiences and endeavors, is able to shine their light for the rest of us to see a little more clearly. This is a truly facinating, yet harrowi..
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Unshriven, 1663 - 1963 – June Kidd
Unshriven is a true and factual account of an extraordinary happening in the life of the author, June Kidd. As a writer with dyslexia, having completed a course on Imagination, Meditation, and Mind Discipline (The Silva Method) June found that not only could she now spell but had also developed a heightened Spiritual Sensitivity. Living in the Middle East at the time and working on a 2..
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Aspects of Reality: A User's Guide to the Universe – Marian Matthews
  From a very young age, Marian Matthews felt and saw things that made her question everything she had been taught about the nature of reality. This book charts the journey of her search for the truth about the mystery of human consciousness and the ultimate nature of the reality in which we live, and in so doing uncovers some vital universal truths. Not an ‘ivory tower’ academ..
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Involution: An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God – Philippa Rees
A brilliant and profoundly erudite epic charting the evolution of Western thinking processes, probing the frontiers of rationality and naturalism and opening up a deeper understanding of the nature of reality based on the reality of mystical experience. The author’s grasp of the principal elements of Western culture is masterly and her poetic narrative woven together with extraordinary subtle..
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Home Flown – Glenys Newton (paperback)
Children leaving home is a huge time of transition in the life of any parent and one that is not widely spoken about. This book takes a look at the years leading up to, during and following, the empty nest and takes an honest and insightful look at this important time from the point of view of the parent and of the child.  Written with humour and splashings of wisdom, ‘Home Flown: The La..
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Eureka: The Celestial Pattern at Times of Historic Inspiration - Nicholas Kollerstrom
There are moments of illumination in the lives of scientists and inventors when the key to a problem dawns. Something new appears. For the individual concerned, such a moment may appear, in retrospect, as the turning-point of their lifetime. Many of us have had something like such 'Aha!' experiences. The history of science is bejewelled with these celebrated moments when inspiration dawned, and..
Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame – Hilary Stanley. (Paperback)
This book is a practical guide full of clear step-by-step instructions, personal experiences, case studies and examples to help you change different aspects of your life, including ways to settle and balance Karma, and to heal yourself and others. It is for anyone, whether they are familiar with the Violet Flame or not. It is a book to inspire you to become the person you truly are, living ..
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