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Legendary London and the Spirit of Place – Ed. Anthony Thorley

Legendary London and the Spirit of Place – Ed. Anthony Thorley
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How does the energy of a great city like London respond to the challenging times we are all facing in the early years of the twenty-first century? Why should London be the city that hosts the Olympic Games in the pivotal year of 2012? In this book, you will discover a host of subtle and secret processes born out of myth and legend which challenge our ideas of history in the making. London is shown to be a living sacred landscape which expresses its own genius loci or spirit of place. A spirit nurtured by its rivers and ancient hills, influenced by its traditional gods and goddesses and strengthened in history by personalities as diverse as William Shakespeare and Sir Christopher Wren. After centuries of development and preparation, the essential folk-soul of London as a great international city has reached out and called the global family to come and experience the warmth of our welcome, the richness of our culture and offer the world real hope for the future. If the spirit of London can have its own dream time, dreaming great festivals into reality, then these are the times of the Olympic Dream. After reading this book you will never experience London in the same way again.

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