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Lifemusic: Connecting People to Time – Dr Rod Paton

Lifemusic: Connecting People to Time – Dr Rod Paton
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This book is about time and how we connect to it. Time is the unconditional and inevitable process through which life grows and decays and music not only measures time, delineating in a purely abstract but palpable way its passage but it also infuses time with emotional significance, with meaning: it creates out of time a hermeneutic canvas. So the connection to time, through music, becomes also a connection to our inner lives and feelings, to the emotions, events and rituals which measure our passage through life: music not only makes us conscious of time but it simultaneously deepens our awareness of time’s significance. We therefore use music not merely as an accompaniment to life (although we may sometimes think that that is all it is doing) but as a barometer of the inner patterns which make life more than a set of random events that somehow take place between birth and death. Music connects us to time and in so doing it deepens our connection to life itself. The concept and the practice of Lifemusic grows out of this epistemology.

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