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A Twist in Coyotes Tale – Celia M Gunn (Hardback - Signed & Numbered)

A Twist in Coyotes Tale – Celia M Gunn (Hardback - Signed & Numbered)
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A Twist in Coyote’s Tale is the true account of a young Englishwoman who was drawn into the extraordinary renascence of a Native North American tribe. Fragmented and disinherited, and eventually deemed extinct by the Canadian government some thirty years earlier, the Arrow Lakes people began their long journey back to their roots and their identity as the Sinixt First Nation upon learning of the removal of ancestral remains from an ancient settlement in the beautiful Slocan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

An extraordinary encounter with an Arrow Lakes visionary from the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State, USA, draws Celia Gunn into the midst of their struggle, and for six years, she walks a path that few have travelled, her life entwined with the great wisdom of Native American philosophy. [See Reviews]     
Her contemporary experience of traditional teachings and ceremonies unfolds alongside an increasing awareness of the harsh and painful political and social realities under which Native American people now live. Yet their gentle humour and wise teachings and the healing power of nature help reconcile her to an acceptance and inner peace that she has never before known.

Guided by a living shamanic tradition, Celia begins to understand that, rather than helping the Native people, she is the one being helped, into learning to understand the balance of her own, unique identity. Frankly sharing her hopes and illusions, her dreams and growing insights in the writing of this warm and powerfully descriptive account, she comes to realise that it is as much a tale about a woman’s personal journey – the song of a healing spirit learning her place in the dance of life – as the journey of a people back to their roots.

Contents Include:
Red Cloud – Laughing Thunder – Rites of Passage – Sky-Wolf – Wind of Change – Thunder Speaks – White Eagle – Place of the Four Warriors – Little Wolf – Keepers of the Order of Life – Spirit-Guide – From Where the Sun Now Stands – Call of the Drum – Voice of the Ancestors – Green Blanket – Snake Medicine – Finding a Way Home – Spider Medicine – Winter Dance – Yinipi – Spirit-Walker – Medicine Wheel – Coyote Dreams – Whitestone – Patches of Snow – Spirit in All Things – Walking the Red Road – Coyote Giveaway – Deliverance – All My Relations – Reflections – Envoi

Tipis line the disputed road project at Vallican, a poignant protest against the disruption of the unique, last ancient settlement of the Arrow Lakes people. This controversial action was significant in bringing the issue of the “extinct” tribe to public attention.
Arrow Lakes pipe-carrier, Kay-Pe-Out (Patches of Snow), dancing with his granddaughter at the Inchelium camp-out, Colville Confederated Indian Reservation, Washington State, USA.
The author assisted this elder in the development of the pioneering cultural projects, When the River Ran Free and Coyote Dreams, to conserve traditional Native American knowledge, practice, lore and wisdom.

Trailer for forthcoming film:

Cover photo: Spirit of Coyote above ceremonial tipis on the reclaimed Arrow Lakes/Sinixt central salmon fishery, Hayes Island, at Kettle Falls, Washington; dry land for the first time in almost fifty years.

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