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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight (Free MP3 Download)

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight (Free MP3 Download)
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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight
Adapted and Narrated by Caroline Anne Maria Clarke

Free MP3 Download

Once upon a time, at King Arthur’s court in Camelot, Christmas and New Year festivities are brought to an abrupt halt by the magical appearance of the mighty Green Knight, who challenges the Knights of the Round Table by inviting one of them to cut off his head.

[This CD is available from archive publishing, and Caroline has offered this full preview or download via mp3 for Christmas.]     
Parts 1 to 4 are here to listen to,
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GREENKNIGHT-CarolineClarke01.mp3. Part 1

GREENKNIGHT-CarolineClarke01.mp3. Part 2

GREENKNIGHT-CarolineClarke01.mp3. Part 3

GREENKNIGHT-CarolineClarke01.mp3. Part 4

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