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The Six Swans (CD) – Anne Maria Clarke

The Six Swans (CD)  – Anne Maria Clarke
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This is the story of six young princes, turned to swans by their jealous step-mother. Only their sister can set them free and return them to their rightful human form.
"Take to the skies in swan's white down,
 no more shall you wear your human crown.
'tis I alone share your father's throne,
whilst you poor creatures, the wild world roam."

The Six Swans - adapted and performed by Anne Maria Clarke
Original music composed and performed by Kate Beswick featuring vocal arrangements by Ruth Churchill and viola by David Johnson
Audio Production - David Johnson
Cover illustration - The Six Swans - Warwick Goble 1894 - reprinted with permission from Macmillian Children's Books
MP3 playtime - 41.14 mins

" .... a beautiful rendering of a magical story that takes the listener into an enchanted world where dark powers are overcome by the devoted love of a sister for her brothers. Anne Maria's voice is beautiful and ahe tells it beautifully and poignantly, drawing the listener into the story and its unfolding. Many congratulations in creating such a moving rendering of one of the great fairy tales."  -  Anne Baring author of seven books including The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul.

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