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The Walrus's Handbook – Hazel Skelsey Guest (Paperback)

The Walrus's Handbook – Hazel Skelsey Guest (Paperback)
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The Walrus's Handbook: Understanding Ourselves – a contiuum from the biological to the emotional, social and spiritual aspects.

Author: Hazel Skelsey Guest    Illustrations: Ian Thorp

A fascinating new look at the Hierarchy of Needs. Not the 1943 version quoted by trainers, coaches and business psychologists, but the completed hierarchy which in Abraham Maslow’s own words was ‘…the culmination of 30 years of work in the field of psychology’. It was published only as a paper just before his untimely death in 1970.
Realizing the importance and relevance of this later work, the author presents it here for the first time using Maslow’s original terminology and with a minor addition of her own.

In Part two she introduces the equally important ‘Scale of Responses’ which deals with our moods, how we respond to situations, and how quickly those moods can change.

This theory is the work of Ian Ninian Marshall, a Jungian psychiatrist, who developed the Scale in 1969 as part of a therapeutic system which he called ‘Sequential Analysis’. Again, this is the first time this work has been fully published in book form.

The author presents both theories as practical tools illustrated with examples of how she has used them successfully in her private practice for over 30 years.

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Extracts from a Review by Laura Oxley – First published in the British Psychological Society, East of England Newsletter: no.2 June 2017

This book is an engaging read, written in an accessible style that makes it feel as though you are in conversation with the author. Hazel Guest descibes The Walrus's Handbook as 'an easy-to-read introduction to understanding ourselves and others, our moods and reactions and our complex motivations as individuals', which gives an excellent insight into what you can expect from this book. The author includes anecdotes throughout the book that make it far more engaging than if the ideas were presented text-book style. It also benefits from the addition of cartoon pictures to illustrate the ideas being presented in an appealing and fun way. If you have an interest in psychology and understanding yourself and others better then this book is certainly worth a read.



Chapter    1    The Evolution of Needs    17
Chapter    2    The Motivation Hierarchy    25
Chapter    3    Survival    27
Chapter    4    Physiological Needs    29
Chapter    5    Safety    31
Chapter    6    Belonging    35
Chapter    7    Esteem    39
Chapter    8    Self-Actualization    43
Chapter    9    Intrinsic Values    45
Chapter    10    Pre-potency    47
Chapter    11    Childhood    51
Chapter    12    Deficiency    55
Chapter    13    Multiple Motives    59
Chapter    14    Curiosity    63
Chapter    15    The Urge to Fit In    65
Chapter    16    Guilt and Shame    69
Chapter    17    Sex    71
Chapter    18    Power and Love    75
Chapter    19    The Profit Motive    83
Chapter    20    Religion    87
Chapter    21    Creativity    91
Chapter    22    Revenge    95
Chapter    23    The Shadow    99
Chapter    24    Self-Interest    103
Chapter    25    Know Thyself    107


Chapter    26    How Did That Happen?    113
Chapter    27    The Scale of Responses    115
Chapter    28    Neutrality    119
Chapter    29    Self-Assertion and Exploration    121
Chapter    30    Attack and Co-operation    123
Chapter    31    Retreat and Participation    127
Chapter    32    Self-Abasement and Generativity    131
Chapter    33    Despair and Emancipation    135
Chapter    34    Depersonalization and Transpersonalization    137
Chapter    35    More Detail    143
Chapter    36    Personal Norm    147
Chapter    37    One Step at a Time    151
Chapter    38    One Up    165
Chapter    39    The Knight’s Move, Containment    171
Chapter    40    Subpersonalities    175
Chapter    41    Examples for Analysis    179
Chapter    42    Analyses    185
Chapter    43    Knowledge and Wisdom    199


Chapter    44    Continuum    203

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