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The Great Year: Understanding 2012 and Beyond – Ian Thorp

The Great Year: Understanding 2012 and Beyond – Ian Thorp
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This story was inspired by all the speculation and discussion surrounding the significance of 2012 and in particular the Winter Solstice. The central theme is to remind the reader of the planet we live on in relation to the rest of our solar system - the need to reawaken knowledge and thereby the heart, so that the future is seen as positive and affirming - both relevant and vital in these times.
Ian Thorp’s engaging narrative and imaginative paintings combine in a story that shows each of us, adults and children alike, how we can change our lives and the fate of the Earth for the better, through the choices we make.

Our story begins with a child from Earth (Jack) finding himself aboard the ‘ship’ of a visiting time-traveller from across the Cosmos. The ‘Captain’, before explaining the purpose of their journey to his officers and crew, helps Jack to understand more about the history of his wonderful planet and her place in the Cosmos. The young crew enter into the spirit of their journey as they begin to realise the full significance of what is happening to Earth, the beautiful planet in front of them, and how through the re-telling of the story, at what is seen as a crucial time of development for the planet, they may inform the inhabitants of the choices they have for their future well-being. Eventually a solution is found to bring to their attention the changes that are already taking place, and to help prepare them for those that must surely happen, for them to restore their collective and individual soul.

The greatest myths, stories and fairy tales are borne like seeds across the generations, taking root in a few individuals and bringing inspiration and soul-nourishment to many. These stories suggest responses to the challenges of human existence that cannot be conveyed as simply or profoundly in any other form. They carry us with them by enchantment. Through delight, they relate us to a dimension of the imagination too often neglected in our everyday lives.

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