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Smiling the Moon – Thomas Lawrence

Smiling the Moon – Thomas Lawrence
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The solrom: a soul journey to heal within, by going without.

Two travellers collide in the wild country on the island of Bracka. Geeter, not much more than a boy, is running from the shadows cast by the death of his father. Wode, a gnoseer, is one of a sacred group possessing a deep knowledge of energy and power of the inner realms, seeing and knowing what most cannot. He is called to the Tree of Knowledge to answer a question of destiny. But following the death of his wife, Wode also has a personal quest that reaches into the hidden depths of karma for all. The shared journey the two voyagers begin has consequences neither could have imagined. What are the incredible powers that Wode's teachings begin to unleesh in Geeter? How can Wode move past his grief and return to his true spirit? Smiling the Moon is a beautiful fable rich with magical encounters, unexpected detours and meetings between souls.

Thomas Lawrence is a writer, therapist and herbalist who lives in Edinburgh. Smiling the Moon is his first novel.

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