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The Fires of Alchemy – Barbara Somers. (Hardback)

The Fires of Alchemy – Barbara Somers. (Hardback)
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A Transpersonal Viewpoint

Editor: Hazel Marshall

Although we know that the process of turning base metal into gold truly refers to the deepest and highest transformation within the human psyche, yet Alchemy remains a secret land of the imagination, veiled in mystery, touching something deep within us, inviting us into the world of archetypes, full of unexpected meaning.

Barbara Somers created the Alchemy courses on which this book is based, and ran them throughout the 1980's. They were originally intended both for the general public and for counsellors and psychotherapists in training; however, their appeal extends to a much wider public.

Barbara Somers leads us into this world with a sure touch, guiding us into the very centre of the symbolic Alchemist's den and through the phases, trials and tribulations of the inner process that helps us to become what we truly are. It is not an easy journey; it has its risks and dangers, but also its moments of joy and glory. And the gold that eventually manifests in the flask of the psyche is an indestructible treasure.
Let Transpersonal Alchemy do its work through this book and spread its message far and wide. The world is in dire need of the gold that is, paradoxically, not of this world. Beata Bishop.

272 pages, numerous colour illustrations


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Introduction - An Oral Tradition.
Living Alchemy - Carl Jung - Life is Alchemy - Alchemy and Individuation - Sacred Space - Therapy as Alchemy.
The Story of Western Alchemy - Egypt, Greece, Persia and Arabia - The Crusades - Obscurity and heresy - The Dangers of Alchemy - Gold from Base Metal - Sympathetic Medicine - Hermes and the Puffers.
The Opus - The Early Alchemists - The Alchemist as the Opus - Laboratory as Oratory - The Flask, the Furnace and the Fire - The Mystical Sister - The Darkening, Washing, Fixing, and Consummation - The Peacock's Tail.
Calcinatio - Fire of fire - Alchemist as Cook - Paradox of Alchemy - Myths, Dreams and Dangers of the Calcinatio - 'Let me out!' - Celebrating Melancholy - Dark Poetry - Honouring the Darkness.
Solutio - Fire of Water - Alchemist as Washerwoman - The Moon and Confusion - Drowning in Solutio - Relationship - Agony and Ecstasy - Dreams and Dangers - Dionysus - Death of the King and Queen
Coagulatio - Fire of Earth - Alchemist as Initiator - The Androgyne - Eating Problems - Illness and Dying - False Gurus and Fairy Gold - The Story of Job - The Borderland - Joy, and Acceptance - White Gold.
Sublimatio - Fire of Air - A Gentle, Lenient Heat - Transpersonal Work - The Returning One - New Liquor - Squaring the Circle -The White Stone -Aflame with God - The Touchstone - Zen and Hindu Stories.
The Alchemy of the East - Theism and Buddhism - Women Alchemists - Honour - Immortality and the Individual.
Taoist Alchemy of China - The Tao and the Way - The Neitan and the Weitan - Science and Medicine - 'Bellows-blowers'- Magic and Healing - Meditation and Contemplation - Names for the Goal.
The Secret of the Golden Flower - The Plumb Line - Time of the Living Midnight - Danger - Exhaustion - Return of the Sun - The Divine Child - The Feather of Truth - The Circulation of the Light.
The Oxherding Pictures - Searching for, Catching and Herding the Ox - Coming Home on His Back - The Man Alone - Both Gone out of Sight - Returning to the Origin, Back to the Source - Entering the City with Bliss-bestowing Hands.
The Rainmaker - The Emerald Tablet

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